Badformat Sunday!

Yesterday I finally made it down to Badformat Social Club. I played there a few years ago with my covers duo when it was a different bar and if i remember they thought paying us in beer was a worthy offering for 90mins of cover songs…(we persisted and got cash AND beer if you want to know the outcome). Back then i hadn’t written ANY of my own tunes and back then if i’d met me now i’d have thought i was ace (no intended ego rub, just a reminder of how far i’ve travelled in the last 5 years!). ANYWAY I like Badformat Social Club…

My Sunday tour of Liverpool began with my cop-chase taxi arrival (late again) at Blackburne House for the International Womens Day celebrations.  I grabbed a coffee in the cafe bar., perused at my own paintings on the walls and took a corner seat, wondering what all these chatting people were gonna think when the ‘random’ in the corner gets up and starts singing., i say ‘random’ because there was no allocated stage/pa or nuthin., like i said….picked my corner :). Infact if truth be told i made/begged Zoe who’d asked me to play announce me, and she did so expertly with a banging of a spoon on a glass. Phew. Nice little supportive crowd…

Next up a bag of shit chips from a place on Bold St. i’ll spare the name because i knew they were gonna be a mistake and still bought some. Only buy chips from places like that after 10 pints of beer….then they tast phenomenal.

Badformats ‘G.A.M.E.’ was run by Mr Greedy Jesus, had a fab local line-up: Avant Gardener, Rob Clarke, Stuart Todd, and few people i hadn’t seen before., finally got chance to put a face to Miles Carrington, great guitar chops and Alicia totally rockin’ out with her band Future Jack! Thats when 10.30pm hit and all i wanted suddenly was a cuppa, some nibbles, my cozy brown blanket and an episode of Dexter. I’m SOOO rock n roll :). However, my gig went great. Drenched in sweat as usual and with an extra -added ‘joplin-ness’ to the voice because i was my 2nd gigglet of the day. Full-on lights and PA system, a contrast to earlier and refreshing. I think stage lights feed the ego somewhat., i gave it my all anyway. It was topped off with an ace comment from someone who’s seen me play many times before that that was the best gig they’d ever seen me do!! Cannot/will not argue……

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