‘WAVE’ Vid premiere

The video to ‘WAVE’ from  the album was filmed on a very VERY cold day in November in Liverpool in the dark depths of Vinyl Basement Bar (who very happily let us play down there for an hour or so AND brought us coffee!). It was a great fun experience with my good friends at SOUNDWORX MEDIA. I had never filmed a video for one of my own songs before and i liked it (a little bit too much maybe! :)). 3 changes of clothes, some miming and a Moon & Pea Deli sandwich later we hit Sefton Park for some outdoor shenanigans that brought much attention (these are the points you spot my giggles as dog-walkers and park-dwellers decided to give us friendly advice on how to make a video). Maybe it did look a little out of place that i was randomly dancing around playing guitar under a tree with no coat on.., oook i’ll let them off. Awesome experience even though i was no longer able to feel my fingers after 20mins of being outside….it was a wholesome, acheived kind of numbness 🙂


If you want to HELP?.. Head over to YOUTUBE and ‘LIKE’ the vid, PASTE the vid on your SITES/FACEBOOK etc…BLOG… TELL PEOPLE..LEAVE US COMMENTS! But most of all….ENJOY! X

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