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FATEA MAGAZINE:  “Cycle Grace Pulse Break” recently popped through the office letterbox and is definitely well worthy of your consideration. Yorkshire born, Liverpool based singer-songwriter, Jo Bywater, delivers a hard edged, fiesty collection of guitar driven songs. She seems to be an artist of boundless enthusiam and no mean talent. Raw and dirty around the edges, troubadour blues, that at times look like they are seeking to simply go out there and kick your head in, juxtaposition with a more compassionate, more reflective attitude, love it.

MU Magazine:  Disclaimer: Infectious, dynamic blues is supplied by this standout track from the Yorkshire-based singer songwriter’s Cycle Grace Pulse Break album. Jo keeps her audience on their toes, veering between honeyed tones and raw-edged inflection. Excitement builds thanks to an effortlessly funky chromatic bassline and a wide-ranging use of dynamics, which bring to mind the inmaginative stylings of Regina Spektor – Keith Ames (Musician, MU Mag)

‘When listening to Jo Bywater’s music there are occasional echoes of Joni Mitchell, although she’s much closer in style to Hackney-based singer-songwriter Ruth Theodore who, like Jo, creates interesting, challenging songs played on the guitar in an uncompromising, ‘take no prisoners’ style.So if you’re looking for new music to break the monotony of the dross that’s so prevalent today then why not give Cycle Grace Pulse Break a listen?’ Graham Holland (Liverpool Acoustic)

‘..Jo possesses the kind of energy that enables her to deliver a soulful howl…without ever inviting you to dare feel sorry for her. Here she’s sensitive yet confident, and abundantly talented…Having written, performed, created the artwork for and promoted the hell out of her first album, it’s clear Jo Bywater has the kind of passion that sets her apart from much of the soulless, generic work in her genre. If you’re looking for something exciting, challenging and refreshingly honest I recommend you check out Cycle Grace Pulse Break and you will not be disappointed’ Matt Pitman (THE GIRLS ARE)

‘The guitar playing is ace on ‘Cycle Grace Pulse Break’, it is obvious Jo is extremely skilled as she combines traits of acoustic folk and blues with a slight sprinkling of Jack White’ Laura Geary Griffin (Live Music Scene)

‘with songs like Wave in her repertoire, she certainly has the makings of something special’ The Music Critic

‘Great guitarist and songwriter who deserves a wider audience’ – Nick Wall (Vintage Radio)

‘These songs are really raw, strong, and emotional. Bywater has an excellent vocal style for this genre. It’s so gutsy and very vulnerable sounding too at times.
Her guitar style is powerful and deliberate’ – Collected Sounds

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