Live Dates


5th Jan 2018 – BEAT THE JANUARY BLUES @ Liverpool Acoustic, 81 Renshaw St. Liverpool.


19th March 2016Liverpool Acoustic Festival, 7.15pm @ The Music Room – Philharmonic. Tickets.  Also part or panel discussion for ‘Female is not a genre’ @Unity Theatre – 5- 6pm.

14th July 2016 – Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

8th October 2016 – We Shall Overcome @ Casa, Liverpool

16th October 2016 – Enzo Acoustic Zone, Nantwich @ Words & Music Festival

19th November 2016 – Recording session with Roots & Fusion, Stockport (Pure FM)

25th November 2016 – Live performance & Video release of Sharks by Operation Lightfoot featuring Jo Bywater @ Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge Final, View Two Gallery, Liverpool

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