Where/how/what…the story of my albums availability

I’m here to offer some kind of word-based ‘spider’ diagram..

The album is available in 2 formats: Physical & Download

As a download is can be purchased through CD Baby and related online sites (Amazon etc.)


  • It doesn’t take up actual real/physical space in your life
  • It’s already on your computer so you can put it on your ipod when you want to listen to it 24/7
  • Eco friendly

As a physical cd it can be purchased from CD Baby, News from Nowhere (liverpool), Gigs.

Pros: Old School. You can HOLD it baby!

  • If you buy it from CD Baby it raises my profile as an independent artist with them, charts and all that…and you get some cool post.
  • If you buy it from News from Nowhere you help them as an independent outlet as they take a small percentage when i sell a cd.  You get a satisfying shopping experience on the best street in Liverpool.  You make me look good because someone went in and asked for my cd.
  • If you buy it at gigs you get to see the gig for a start. A live experience to reinforce the album. I can sign it for you there and then. I get an extra audience member. The local music scene thrives.  You go home with a really cool album.

May you choose well Jedi

nb: there are only ever gonna be 1000 copies of this album….

jo x

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