We made a video for Disclaimer

A few months ago I decided I’d like to do a video project for another one of my songs (making the video for ‘Wave’ was such a success and lots of fun with my friends at Soundworx Media). Seeing at ‘Disclaimer’ is a well-loved favourite at gigs it was a no-brainer.   I sent a message out into the ether and after meeting a few potential Videographers I decided Mr Dominic Boyle was to be the one….

Dom is a recent graduate from Edge Hill University. Armed with his awesome camera and a few meetings in Bold St Coffee, we headed out into the streets/coffee shops/parks of Liverpool and thus ‘Disclaimer’ aquired visuals. Dom has been a superstar to work with and it was a great experience.

You can find him in these places: 
Youtube – Poetry in motion: Vocal Media

Have a look and see where we got to in the vid! 

Jo x

Unsuccessful transport, Walls and Music

Yesterdays day of giggage (both my own and Roger Waters) left me with my Sunday feeling most re-motivated, lighter and perseverant. Important qualities for an artist i think! It’s easy to view the oceans of amazing creative talent sometimes and feel overwhelmed, self-doubtful and wonder what it is that makes what i do so special that people would want to take notice of it.  Important questions to have clear answers to as long as that doesn’t inhibit what it is you do..(or is that survival of the fittest? hmm..). It turns out that my answer is that i have a passion, a huge creative drive and then a duty. Result.

International Pop Overthrow gig at The Cavern was awesome, top crowd and i always love playing on bigger stages with lights., or is that my ego…not sure :). However, a good sweaty gig, a happy responsive audience and CD sales is a combo I like.  I was even asked on the way to the gig if i was Spanish., it sounds a lot more exotic than Wakefield that’s for sure so I may even adopt it as my 3rd nationality (1-Yorkshire, 2-Scouse, 3-Spanish :)).  For the evening I headed off with some friends to Manchester after i acquired a last minute-ish ticket to go see Roger Waters do ‘The Wall’ at the MEN. That was immense., epic with a whole lot of epicness for desert. Projections, surround sound and a wall made of fold-up cardboard boxes…:) (i love seeing the bits when the pack down shows even if it did immediately turn the solid wall structure in my head to a stack of cereal boxes..).

I wanna do that!

Other than that my day was interspersed with me getting on the wrong train (i haven’t done anything like that since i was 13, or driving to London on the motorway by going North from Liverpool a couple of years ago) and us breaking down on the motorway……twice!

Saturday….good for music/bad for travel


May Day MAY DAY!

Since my last blog (shamedly over a month ago) my life has been infused with a many varied contributions, perfect!  From playing in shop windows for Good Vibrations Mag (Check the vid)  to co-mentoring teenage band project ‘Girls into Rock’ with the most chilled-out girls ever! Check out their page THE DILEMMAS.  Inspiring.

Summer seems to have come and gone again all within the month of April. What can I say, my parents are currently in the USA en route to Hawaii….in Liverpool it rains 🙂

Over the last month I’ve done a fair few gigs including supporting Ruarri Joseph,  ‘Smiles for Japan’ charity gig and ‘Insurrection’ for NERVE Magazine (check out the live review and interview from this gig), I’ve also met some great local artists and musicians.  A couple of days ago after my International Pop Overthrow gig at The Cavern Pub  I had relayed to me post gig an audience members comment about my playing….’she’d put Robbie Williams out of a job’.  Brilliant. That’s a first time comment for me.  Bet Robbie’s scared.

Got some fab gigs coming up over the next couple of months. I’m also toying with Europe. Not in a malicious way,  just to visit and do some playing…..

Lets not leave it so long next time!

Over and OUT!

Jo x