Festives, newness, Southern Comfort and Lime

As my final mail of 2011 I mainly wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported and enjoyed what I’ve been upto creatively this year whether it be music or art. Cheers! And thanks to those I’ve shared the gigs with. It’s been a great and varied year. My favourite!

2011 started off with my album released and ready to gig. I spent the year sending messages to magazines, reviewers and radio shows and got a significant amount of positive feedback. All the reviews i’ve had so far are on my website and I’ve had some great local help from Seven Streets, LSU, Liverpool Acoustic, Radio Merseyside, Nerve and this month Good Vibrations gave me my final review of the year.
Nationally I had positive reviews from FATEA, R2, MU Mag, The Girls Are and Americana.  In terms of radio I had a fab experience on ICON Radio,  KVFM and  ‘Folkscene’ on BBC Radio Merseyside after being invited by Mr Stan Ambrose. As his only guest I had the whole show and had my entire album played. Definately a moment of pride and acheivement. There’s has also been great support coming my way from Bob’s Folk Show to the South!

Over the last 12 months my gigs were a little chocolate box of mixture.  December culminated in two great gigs, the penultimate in LLanberis, Wales after which I went mountain biking in Snowdonia and the final gig of the year at Sound Women in Huddersfield, which was preceded by a traffic-laden, 4 hour journey from Liverpool!

Work – wise I’ve spent an incredible time building up my guitar students and also taken on more commissions art-wise. The most recent two being illustrations for a childrens book and a painting for a present I’m half way through for a customer in USA.

My plans for 2012 are of the writing kind. New music for the new year and the forming of a tour, possibly Europe. I’ll definitely be gigging as ever around the UK. Plans for the capital city are afoot. 31st Jan I will be playing live in session on Bob’s Folk Show. http://www.radiowey.co.uk

My album Cycle Grace Pulse Break is for sale at http://www.cdbaby.com.jobywater2
My blog and updates are as ever to be found at http://www.jobywater.com

The shows I’ve done and art I’ve created will very soon be on the site!

Again, many thanks and I wish everyone the best for the end of 2011 and most definitely 2012!

See you there

Jo x

Bywater goes to the London

After muchos giggage in Liverpool over the last year I’ve not really devoted much time to head out of this Scouse City and soak up any Southern culture… this be changing as I spread my musical wares to the London. I be playing a gig with Rudi Douglas and Owen Duff at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Thurs 22nd September as part of the night SONG.

The last month has been great in terms of gigs playing at: Above the Beaten Track festival, Mathew st festival,  Grateful Freds and support to Daniel Martin Moore in the Scandinavian Church…to name a few..awesome

Last week also saw the launch of Soundworx Media in Liverpool. Two good friends of mine who also made the video to my song WAVE

See ya in the London!


FATEA Showcase, Strange dolls & Pride Liverpool

Just been checking out the current FATEA showcase sessions. My song ‘Disclaimer’ is featured but also there’s some seriously other good songs on there. Highlights for me are Paul Liddell, The Proposition, Annlaug, Matt Woosey, Hadrians Union, Me and My Friends and Rebecca Clamp. You can download the file for free for the next 3 months from the above link. Check it out and let me know what you think! New music 🙂

Gig Holler! This saturday is Liverpool Pride down at the Pierhead. I’ll be playing at 4.38pm 🙂 …. on the Superstar Boudoir stage….gonna be ace. Got my new fliers this morning, I’m all ego-massaged and happy. Gonna be there with a bagfull of beer……..I’ve got my eye on you!

I leave you with this….because it’s so wrong and so very right!

This awesomely beautiful and grotesque Alice Cooper doll below arrivd in my post yesterday morning from my friend Emma. She made it with her daughter. Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?? 🙂
See ya! x

News & a Comp to win my CD!

Hey all,
If you are on my mailing list you will already have read this. Arguably it’s worth another read anyway…:)

*FIRSTLY:  I’ve received some great feedback/reviews from my album so far this year. (www.jobywater.wordpress.com/reviews/)
One in particular was the magazine FATEA. This prompted them to request one of my tracks for their Autumn showcase sessions. As of 1st August my song ‘Disclaimer’ will be featured along with other artists for a 3 month period: http://www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk/

*SECONDLY: My songs ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Let Go’ have also been chosen to be featured on the ‘Women of Substance’ radio playlists for the next 3 months www.womenofsubstanceradio.com

Awhole list of gigs over the next couple of months

There is also very serious talk of heading to Hamburg and Berlin at the end of September.

*FOURTHLY: COMPETITION #1 – 2 copies of my album (plus badges) up for grabs: For the people who can best describe my music in 1 or 2 sentences! Inbox me with your offering. Don’t be shy. ENDS 12th August!

Extra-curricular nuggets…

WHISC:I recently began volunteering my online skills for Whisc (Women’s Health Information Support Centre) on Bold st. Liverpool.
They are a great bunch of ladies offering support to women in the forms of a drop-in service, training, reduced price holistic therapies (I have Shiatsu massage there once a month and HIGHLY recommend it) & beauty treatments to name but a small percentage of who they are and what they have to offer.  They promote positive mental health and are a charity. Further information can be found @ http://www.whisc.org.uk
Also join them on Facebook and Twitter.

Its been a great month so far, thanks for reading and best wishes and good vibes to you all.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog at http://www.jobywater.com
See you around! 🙂

Jo x

Under the influence

After a week of gigs and my mate from Unis hen-do thrown in for good measure I’m quite thankful that this week is a little bit more chilled. Catch up on some sleep and a little bit of detox all around.  Actually looking back i feel like its been MUCH longer than a week but all for good reasons!  I played the fab Mash Gallery in St. Helens, Festival Express (which is perfectly on my doorstep and i got to proof my Rolling Stones covers..), Lark Lane Healing day (where i got some amazing soup and a lovely family audience for a change) and Under the Influence…Rolling Stones @ Studio 2 (hosted by the fab Kaya). It’s the first time in aaaages I’ve played any covers (and i’m not amazing at remembering my own lyrics nevermind other peoples..even if it is the Rolling Stones).. The tunes I settled on playing in the end were ‘Paint it Black’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’ after a little Facebook call-out for suggestions.  I went for making them a bit more my own as opposed to straight up covers….check ’em out!

Paint it Black

The rest of the weeks good news comes in the form of 2 very favourable reviews….

New Reviews & Folk Radio

I also had my pic and part of an interview in this edition Nerve Mag Liverpool. Cheers to Sebastian and the rest of the Nerve crew.

i’m now heading off to learn the guitar solo for Master of Puppets for one of my guitar students…..did i say my week was more chilled out…..

Rock n Metal

Jo x

International Womens Day & free ‘Ropeladder’ download

8th March 2011. International Womens Day! Infact this year it is the Centenary celebration. To celebrate this as well as playing at a few relevant events I’ve put my song ‘Ropeladder’ from the album up for free download. Just email me ‘gimme Ropeladder for free cos its ace and so are you’ (to jo@jobywater.com) and i’ll send it right on over to ye! Its available until 13th March (2011 :))…


Framed by a window

Portrait for the night

Shielded from the pirates of social decline

A flask for the future in a bag

And the rope ladder swings in the wind that could fill up my lungs

Poised for adventure

Raise my finger to the sky

Reflection of the room looms and dooms magnified

My face frowns in a cause for concern

And the rope ladder swings in the wind that could carry my wings

The infinite weight of the solitary night (x2)

In descendence of a long-haired princess, locked in a tower

Waiting for release and rescue and power

Her feet were craving the ground

And her diet of fear routed her there to be found

The infinite weight of the solitary night bares light

The moon she washes my dry

The infinite weight of the solitary night bares light

I’ve got to get out tonight

And that window with a hole from the challenge of a role

Took a blow by blow

Leaks the breeze in the form of the news of the night it’s my truth

Whispers its dreams on my skin

Fills my lungs like balloons

And they know the freedom to feel lighter than air

And safety became restraint

The rope ladder swings (x 2)

The infinite weight of the solitary night bares light

The moon she washes my dry

The infinite weight of the solitary night bares light

I’ve got to get out tonight (x2)

©2009. Jo Bywater

Badformat Sunday!

Yesterday I finally made it down to Badformat Social Club. I played there a few years ago with my covers duo when it was a different bar and if i remember they thought paying us in beer was a worthy offering for 90mins of cover songs…(we persisted and got cash AND beer if you want to know the outcome). Back then i hadn’t written ANY of my own tunes and back then if i’d met me now i’d have thought i was ace (no intended ego rub, just a reminder of how far i’ve travelled in the last 5 years!). ANYWAY I like Badformat Social Club…

My Sunday tour of Liverpool began with my cop-chase taxi arrival (late again) at Blackburne House for the International Womens Day celebrations.  I grabbed a coffee in the cafe bar., perused at my own paintings on the walls and took a corner seat, wondering what all these chatting people were gonna think when the ‘random’ in the corner gets up and starts singing., i say ‘random’ because there was no allocated stage/pa or nuthin., like i said….picked my corner :). Infact if truth be told i made/begged Zoe who’d asked me to play announce me, and she did so expertly with a banging of a spoon on a glass. Phew. Nice little supportive crowd…

Next up a bag of shit chips from a place on Bold St. i’ll spare the name because i knew they were gonna be a mistake and still bought some. Only buy chips from places like that after 10 pints of beer….then they tast phenomenal.

Badformats ‘G.A.M.E.’ was run by Mr Greedy Jesus, had a fab local line-up: Avant Gardener, Rob Clarke, Stuart Todd, and few people i hadn’t seen before., finally got chance to put a face to Miles Carrington, great guitar chops and Alicia totally rockin’ out with her band Future Jack! Thats when 10.30pm hit and all i wanted suddenly was a cuppa, some nibbles, my cozy brown blanket and an episode of Dexter. I’m SOOO rock n roll :). However, my gig went great. Drenched in sweat as usual and with an extra -added ‘joplin-ness’ to the voice because i was my 2nd gigglet of the day. Full-on lights and PA system, a contrast to earlier and refreshing. I think stage lights feed the ego somewhat., i gave it my all anyway. It was topped off with an ace comment from someone who’s seen me play many times before that that was the best gig they’d ever seen me do!! Cannot/will not argue……

Welcome to spring! :)

Just taking a sip of coffee and appreciating the actual warmth of the sun today. Much updating going on online for me as there will be over the next week or so. My new website is here after much chocolate and coffee binging til 4.30am i’m feeling somewhat acheived 🙂

My artwork is now down from the walls of the Unity Theatre, Liverpool where it was received greatly. I’m now moving it round the corner to Blackburne House for some International Womens Day celebration viewing. It will be in the Cafe Bar for the next month i believe until the end of March

jo x