Mountains, biking, Radio Merseyside

Fresh from a weekend doing some fantastic experiencing of the Welsh mountains I’m still not aching like I thought I would.

Sunday night I spent the night in the Heights Hotel Llanberis after gigging there, waking up in Snowdonia was pretty amazing. Veggie breakfast and then onto a seriously hilly but very beautiful mountain bike ride. At one point the sound of a Jet seeming to be in the air actually manifest infront of our faces and shot down the valley, Top Gun stylee 🙂 good fun. A walk onto Devils Kitchen ensued. Beautiful. At one point I nearly skidded off the road on the way back because a confused sheep couldn’t decide whether it needed to run infront of my speeding wheels or not…….

The last couple of weeks have brought me some good radio experiences. I was invited to be interviewed for Folkscene on Radio Merseyside by local Harp legend Stan Ambrose. This aired last Thursday and tonight. I will be putting it up here at some point soon.

I also recently received this link for my KVFM session.


My last gig of the year is coming up on Friday 16th Dec at Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield. Sound Women. The day before my birthday 🙂

I’ve also just finalised some illustrations I’ve been doing for a children’s book. There will be some examples up here very very soon I’m sure!  A completely new experience was had, I learned much and hoping to do more illustration-type wor.

December excitement!


6 thoughts on “Mountains, biking, Radio Merseyside

  1. Hi Jo,
    Could not help replying to your close encounter with jets in the Ogwen valley.I was coming down the Carnedds in the same area when a helecopter below me decided to get up close to the upslope I was droping down to,obviously on a daring pratice but, I was only yards away as the rotors spun nearly touching the rocks. Enjoyed a pint after that.
    Anyway all the best roger

    • ha., that sounds like a definite pre-circumstance to a good pint! Amazing place, it’s the first time i’ve been but can’t wait to go back. Espcially the view from Devil’s Kitchen. Take it easy Roger and watch out for the choppers! 🙂

  2. I remember my first time in Devil’s Kitchen getting buzzed by the jets, because they came from behind the hills and we weren’t expecting it, I almost needed new underpants !!! LOL

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