Radio and Snowdonia giggage

Hey all,

Last week was a great experience for me having the opportunity to perform live on Mr Ian D Halls radio show at Liverpool University Station.  I had the priviledge of playing 2 of my own tunes and having a little chat with the man himself in his championing of Liverpool music, both old and new.  Ian gave me a great album review earlier on in the year for LSM so it was a pleasure.  A very hospitable experience was had. Part of the show was that I choose an influential song.  After having 2 months to make this decision I still managed to show up at the station with 8 CDs in my bag…..finally resting on ‘Indifference’ by Pearl Jam.  It was a toughy!  I then went on to play a set at CUC for Ronan Boyles night. A satisfyinly musical day.  This coming Friday (2nd Dec) I shall be heading to KVFM to play on the Christmas edition of the Orange Show with Alicia Rose and a whole host of local musos.  Should be a good one.

The last few months have been decidedly art-based and with my art and guitar tuition ventures starting to take off all is looking good.  Bring on my birthday, Christmas and the New Year!  I also became an Auntie for the first time in November. Happy Days 🙂

Next gig is at Heights Hotel, Llanberis Wales on 11th Dec, then Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield 16th Dec.

Jo x

2 thoughts on “Radio and Snowdonia giggage

  1. Cherish your neice. Our little girl turns 1 next Friday and she’s never seen her auntie ( my sis just seems to refuse to see her. Early days I could understand as she lost her baby when my wife was pregnant, but she’s now missed the first year of her neices life ).

    Due to cancellations from both me and my producer, I haven’t had another studio session yet ( will be 6 weeks next week ). It’s really starting to drag now. It’s been a full 3 calendar months and we’re still only at the arrangement stage on the PC. Still no real instruments. Soooooo frustrating…. I’m sure it will all come good in the end though.

    • yeah., I definitely will cherish her! I’m a first time aunty and I intend to keep up with what’s doing on 🙂 My brother lives in Yorkshire and me in Liverpool at the mo but I see them every month-ish. That’s a real shame about your sister. I hope she comes round!
      Keep positive about your recording it will happen when it’s right. This stuff seems to take a lot of waiting around but always worth it!

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