Bob’s Folk show Distilled & The Lomax

Just a quick one today to give you a shout out about a couple of music – related things I have going on.  I hope you’re all having a great summer so far whatever that means to you!

First up!  Bob’s Folk Show Distilled Pt1.

I did a session for Bob in January of this year and had a great time.  I got chance to hang out with the man himself for a few hours and then had the pleasure of performing pretty much all   of the songs on my album live in the studio.  Bob now has a second outlet for his show which he is calling Bob’s Folk show Distilled where he put selected highlights from his live show together as a show.  I’m on the first one that was aired last week!  Bobs Folk Show Distilled Pt1.  I’m on at around 15minutes but I also highly recommend checking out the other artists. It’s a great show.

I’ll be heading down to London in October to perform at a festival Bob is responsible for putting on called London Folk & Roots Festival which will be held at Amersham Arms on 28th October .

Secondly!  I did a gig on Saturday at The Lomax, Liverpool.  Awesome gig and awesome venue.  The Lomax was reopened recently as a music venue and has a great and supportive vibe for good music.  It’s run by T2F and I’ll be heading there again for a gig on  Sun 26th August for the bank holiday festival.  Lots and lots of bands and acoustic acts.  I’ll be playing solo in the upstairs room at 8pm. You have been warned…

The Lomax, Liverpool pic by Adrian Wharton 2012

The Lomax, Liverpool pic by Adrian Wharton 2012

See you soon

Jo x