Stay busy create keep warm!

This month has been creative and busy. ¬†Keep moving keep warm ūüôā

A few weeks ago I mentioned I had been asked to provide vocals for the fab band Bowker. ¬†These guys have written a concept album called Sail to the Deep and needed someone to be their ‘Valentina’. ¬†I was really honoured to be asked, it was also a pretty big challenge but very exciting! I have never just provided vocals before and for this one it was also vocals with no words…so…listen I did…over and over to the amazing atmospheric chunky guitar/bass/drum track they sent me. ¬† After I felt I’d suitably absorbed the music I started to get a feel for the character and it was a lot of fun singing my heart out for this.

Bowker album sleeve

The launch was a few weeks ago at Lomax, Liverpool and I went along to perform. Cracking night.  Here are a couple of pics.

me as 'Valentina'

me as ‘Valentina’


The song was included on the Roots and Fusion radio show last week so for a listen head over to the mixcloud ūüôā

The album is released in November.







Another guest appearance for me came in the form of Tiki Black. Tiki is a fantastic songwriter and though we have crossed paths at gigs and she has also been very supportive of my music, we had not yet worked together. ¬†Tiki asked me a couple of months ago if I would play some guitar on her track ‘Free Like Smoke’. ¬†It’s a beautiful song and when I had a closer listen I could really hear some vocal harmonies in there too. ¬†So, I jumped in and had a play. ¬†Luckily for me that was appreciated…. The track sounds great and I will update when and where this will be available once I know. ¬†This was also featured on Roots & Fusion and can be heard here.

SUMMER STUFF– Over the summer I had lots of fun playing at various festivals. ¬†One of which was on my doorstep at the Sefton Park Food & Drink Festival. ¬† I had the opportunity ¬†to combine my two favourite things of coffee and music and played at the Liverpool ¬†Live TV/Quills Coffee stage. ¬†LLTV were ace enough to wield their video skills and recorded my song Woollen Hearts…

and finally…..

This weekend I¬†discovered that my song Sun shines under water¬†(from Chasing Tales EP)¬†was included on Tom Robinson’s MIXTAPE (BBC6 Music Introducing.. Fresh on the Net): I have been lucky enough over the last year to have 2 other songs (Chopping Wood & This Garden) from the EP also featured on the show. ¬†It’s a top resource for independent musicians and I’m very proud.

That’s it for now! ¬†You’ll find me walking around in the Autumn air finding inspiration for new songs.