Recording! new songs – new album


I have now started recording my second album.  I’ve spent the last year in my creative cave, gathering enough songs that I can be excited and proud of to put together worthy of an album. 12 songs in total, yes!  I made it.

Admittedly I got a teeny bit waylayed as I spent time on some amazing collaborations with other artists (Bowker, Tiki Black, Operation Lightfoot) and also had the pleasure of playing guitar on the Kwalaparla album Break the man.  I have also acquired a small collection of commissioned pieces for BBC Radio Merseyside Pure Musical Sensations show (Anyone Who Had a Heart (yes, a Cilla cover…), Always Feel Like Home & Faith on Hope st.).

Admittedly…………..I also got a bit more waylayed as I entered into a personal mission to get fit (Crossfit / Running / Hiking / Mountain biking) and eat clean, get some decent sleep, early mornings and drink less..(much less)…so, rock n roll….I know,  but I feel amazing…..  and…it feels GOOD!

But now….I’m ready.  In motion.

So I have a little quick video to share with you that I’ve just recorded at home as a taster of what’s to come.  The album is pretty much a mixture of acoustic  guitar and slide guitar songs.  Some solo, some with guests 🙂 I’m excited.

But for now….

Enjoy x




UK Festival Dates

Festival season is upon us and I have some dates around the country newly added!

If you can make it to any of these they will be great fun.  I will be playing songs from Chasing Tales EP, some old ones and some very, very new ones too.   Fingers crossed for the sun.  I hope to see you along the way!

Gigs are constantly being added so you can get my up to date info at the Gigs page.

Jo Bywater Festival dates 2014On updated news I send out a big thanks to the Pure Musical Sensations team at BBC Radio Merseyside who invited me along to perform some live tracks for their show last week.  I will be putting the recordings on my Soundcloud account over the next week or so!

Jo x