Gigs with wet feet #1 – Beverley Folk Festival

There’s nothing like rolling up to a well organised busy festival where people know exactly where you need to be and what time… I have to thank Beverley Folk Festival for this ūüôā Adorned with passes and maps we headed off to our accomodation (a little tent) and after surveying the land and carefully selecting a spot we put up the tent and headed off to see what was going on… It was busy, great! ¬†We stuck around to watch Gretchen Peters and then I went off to warm up for my gig. ¬†As every British festival experience (mostly) there is always a chance that it will rained a lot and in the space of watching a gig inside by the time we returned to our tent it was half on a puddle ¬†:/ ¬†My new trainers were now a little bit wet and no longer green ūüôā

My performance was on the Area 2 Stage in the Wold Top Marquee. ¬†There was a really chilled attentive vibe in there, a great stage and bails of hay for people to sit on…and it was warm. ¬† I met some great guys running the stage – Sam Pirt and Vinnie Whitehead, who were also performing and it just was a really nice gig. ¬†I played, and spoke to some lovely people afterwards who came to buy my CD and chat about blues. ¬†I also met the host of The Fox’s Den Show – Bill, who came to say hi and I’m very much looking forward to my now booked live session in October.

After this it was time to chill with some real ale and watch the rest of the days music. ¬†I have to say I was a bit gutted I wasn’t here on Friday because the Proclaimers headlined and that would’ve ¬†been a good end to the day…but I seem to have survived. ¬†Even though me and Blythe had to shimmy our tent off a puddle in high wind a good time was had…

Check out my gigs page to see what’s going on next this summer!

Here is a vid of my performance of Scratch the Surface from said gig –

Songs from the Shed session now online

I had a fab time when I headed to Clevedon to meet Jon Earl and record my 3 songs in the shed.  There has been some amazing talent in the shed before me and it was an honour to be involved.  The videos are now online!

I recorded Wave, Scratch the Surface and Disclaimer….all now on the vid page, all now online. ¬†Enjoy ūüôā

Jo x

London and Brighton mini tour

Last week was awesomely busy.  There seem to be a lot of people inspired to learn to play guitar for the summer.  This for me is very good.  This means I have been spending increasing hours in the first half of my week meeting new guitar students.  This is good!

Jo Bywater Guitar Tuition 2012

Interspersing my increasing demand as a tutor came a nice little couple of days off for my long-ago-booked gigs in London and Brighton. ¬†These two gigs have been on my list for a few months so I was very excited when they finally arrived. ¬†With the National Express and Mega Bus as my chosen method of rock n roll transport I headed down to Greenwich on Wednesday towards The Pelton Arms. ¬†The British summer has so far being a British summer at its best…this of course means a lot of rain. ¬† ¬†This meant that en route to gig I got absolutely drenched. ¬†I stayed in a hostel near Deptford Bridge. ¬†Round the corner from the hostel was a piece of paper stuck to the wall that had ‘Cardboard City’ written on it, with an arrow pointing down the road.., this did make me question whether I had made a mistake..

So…London…my gig was with Icarus Club run by the lovely Phil Dearing. ¬†Very friendly and supportive. ¬†I sold copies of my album and had a return invitation. ¬†This I take as positive. ¬†The bar was some decent real ale and a pay-what-you-want for food deal on a Wednesday. ūüôā I played and ran off into the night towards the Cutty Sark and onto cardboard city. All was well.

Up early and I jumped on a bus to Brighton. ¬†Pre-gig I met one of my good friends Mark M Thompson from uni that I haven’t seen in a few years. ¬†We obviously hit a few pubs and pints of beer and had the quickest catch-up, compressing 6 years into 3 hours. ¬†Knowing I had to sober up a tad in order to play a gig of decent caliber we headed for some food, bid goodbye and I again ran off into the rain towards the Brunswick.¬†

A friendly gig where I also got chance to see the fabulous ‘The Finds‘ headline. ¬†Very tight band. ¬†The sound was great and there were a few familiar faces from the Pool there too. ¬†Unexpected and very welcome. ¬†I met some really nice people who like my music too.

I stayed the night in another hostel in which at 4am a massive fight broke out upstairs by seemingly somebody who was very upset about his bed… ¬†The morning hit and I took a long walk down the sea front, had an espresso in the Alchemist Cafe and begun my 9 hour coach journey back to Liverpool. ¬†On our stop off at London a guy tried to get on the coach with a Tarantula….he couldn’t quite grasp why the driver said no….:/

Done., looking forward to many more trips and gigs!