Winner of FATEA award best EP/Mini Album/Single 2013 – Chasing Tales

This is a fantastic bit of news to weigh in with so early in the year, I’m feeling very lucky and achieved!

Firstly Happy New Year!

Just before Christmas it was brought to my attention that I had been shortlised for the above award down to 3 people.  I was in fab company with Marina Florence and Keston Cobblers Club,  it felt pretty special :).    I found out last Wednesday that my EP Chasing Tales was voted the Winner of the category.  Big smiles and many thanks to all those at FATEA Magazine and involved in the awards for your support.  I’ve worked hard and it feels nice to get my first award since winning a drawing competition at the East Ardsley Gala when I was little.  Check out the rest of the categories and awards here! 

Chasing Tales is available to buy at gigs and online.  It’s available from all the usual suspects but it is Bandcamp that looks after me best and I can also sign a CD for anyone that wishes who purchases from there.  You understand that this is now officially an Award – winning EP right? 😉

Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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