Roots & Fusion session

Last Friday I went over to Stockport on the train to meet up with Roots & Fusion host Rick.  The session’s been booked in since January when it was recommended to me by Bob’s Folk Show so I was pretty excited that it had now come around.

I met Rick and soundman Jay at Stockport college and we headed to the gym where we were to record.  The guys have been recording live sessions for the show in various places around Stockport.  The initial thought for my show was the roof of the college but weather not permitting we headed into the boxing gym. The first time I have been interviewed and recorded my music whilst being surrounded by weight machines and a boxing ring., it was great.

The session was an easy flow and a happy memory.  I like meeting people who are interested and passionate about new music and music in general..

the link to the session is HERE 🙂

Enjoy x

3 thoughts on “Roots & Fusion session

  1. I heard your session last night around 11pm. I was in a deserted car parking (cos the Internet connection would not work). With the gym room acoustics, Rick’s voice and yours, the way you strum those strings (guitar and vocal), it felt so intimate, so authentic and so unspoilt. That was a really lovely session. Hope to hear your new songs 😉

    • Hey, cheers for listening in! They are really nice guys., really easy to work with and it was just a good experience. We were talking about you, Rick’s trying to figure out how to get something like that working with the piano 🙂 It was strange doing it in a gym but really cool and the acoustics sounded great at the time so i’m glad they came across that way too. I hope things are going well for you. I’m working on new music so hopefully have some examples or demos up in a month or two x

      • Always a pleasure Jo 🙂 Good conversation you two had there, would love to play in such an original environment with really nice acoustic! 😉

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