Chopstick in the Nutella?

and a great review for ‘Disclaimer’!

I woke up this morning to find an open jar of Nutella snuggly tucked next to my computer mouse with a chopstick poking out of the top like it was meant to be there, hmm… a little further along were 3 empty wine glasses, one of which was on its side just next to a wet patch on my rug…..aaaah the slowly dawning memories of singing ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ and ‘Lucky Man’ LOUD in the car of midnight craziness and dancing in a carpark next to the Mersey to Annie Lennox (i wasn’t on my own, i had good company) …..Rock n Roll say you? …but now the chopstick makes sense, and it tasted GREAT!

Two great little bits of news today!…

My copy of Musician Magazine arrives complete with a great review of my song ‘Disclaimer’ in it….. 🙂

Under the Pavement radio show (ALL FM 96.9) are going to play my song ‘Ropeladder’ tonight in aid of me making it a free download for International Womens Day!

aaah, sleep in peace x

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