Sun Shines Under Water Lyrics

Talk it over

Splashing around



Diving down

Hit the surface with a sting

Keep on spinning, spinning

Infinite beginnings


(It comes around)


I was craving the sun

Rejected the summer

Sheltered in rainfall

Warm in thunder

Bathed in silence

Suspended in sound

Inhaling stars

There was nowhere to drown


But it comes around

Diving down


The Sun shines under water

It feels like heads chasing tails chasing tails chasing tails x2

It comes around

Effervescent sound


Hunting treasures

Breaking walls

Running circles all alone

Digging deeper, finding bones

Striking  wisdom building pearls

And It come it comes it comes around


Sun shines under water….

It feels like heads chasing tales chasing heads chasing tales


I like to curl up

And self heal

Find peace of mind

In something real


©Jo Bywater.  Oct 2012.